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    UncleLou wrote:
    Mr-Brett wrote:
    Which you learn by failing over and over. Which is the bit that's not fun.
    Learning and the success once you have learned it is part of the fun. That's one aspect why Dark Souls is so good: you can actually learn from your mistakes and get better, with patience being one of the virtues that helps a lot.

    In many difficult games, there's just a hard cap: your skill. I can play something like Geometry Wars or Space Stardust HD for hours and still see the game over screen every 5 minutes. Does not mean they're shit games, but they're not for me.
    I understand Mr-Brett and the others' point of view though.
    There's a point where having to replay sections of a game begins to feel like cheap content rehashing and the slow progress becomes frustrating. I presume that threshold differs from player to player.

    For me the threshold is lower still when the game provides no hints whatsoever towards the solution, so finishing a difficult section on the first go is outright impossible except through dumb luck. That and the "solution" being microsecond timing.

    I won't ever be able to tell whether this holds true in for DS as that is apparently only playable with a controller (thus, to me, it isn't) but I see where they're coming from with their criticism.
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