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    Rare can still make good games.

    Ever since the move from N64 to GC/Xbox, everyone has been down on Rare like they're awful. I really don't think they're bad. I'm not a fan of Kinect, but the rest of their games are fun.
    They've had mixed results on the 360 though Banjo Nuts & Bolts is one of the most inventive and interesting games on it, but it didn't sell. I like 3d platformers but it was good to try something different. Viva Pinata also has some good ideas too. It seems they've still got some spark left.

    There is the mantra that all the best people have left Rare, as if there's only 1 person left from the N64 and earlier era. Of course some talent has gone, but I think it's been greatly exaggerated. They are/at least were a huge organisation with multiple teams, since the kinect stuff has sold reasonably well, maybe they'll be allowed to make proper games again.

    In hindsight the Microsoft buy hasn't really worked out. Ironically Nintendo are the ones that actually could do with them as a big first/second party Western developer, taking the strain off them to produce games like they did with the N64.

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