#9253081, By BryanAKADJ What did Father Christmas bring you?

  • BryanAKADJ 27 Dec 2012 00:26:16 284 posts
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    Bought myself a Wii Mini, its alright, with it I can play up in my room instead of carrying my Wii U up and downstairs, got Super Mario Galaxy 1+2, Skyward Sword, Assassins Creed 3 on the Wii U (Would prefer for the 360 but oh well), Hitman Absolution (360) and Paper Mario Sticker Star.
    We got a 47" LED 3D LG TV, 3D BluRay player and all.
    Good amount of BluRays for it, watched Finding Nemo in 3D, then Dark Knight Rises (Not in 3D), going to watch Titanic in 3D at some point.
    And other various stuff.
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