#9253583, By general isms that deserve to die by fire

  • Deleted user 27 December 2012 10:57:42
    Some of those are plain wrong, dark. If you want to while away an afternoon in a etymologically geeky way, have a look at the origins of the s/z spellings of words like recognise/recognize. It's not that long ago people would have told you the "z" spelling was British and the "s" form American: they would have been just as wrong as the people/ MS Word spell checks who tell you the opposite. And their more routine use of the Oxford comma makes a lot of sense, as does their firmer rule on when to use "that" or "which".

    That said, having over the last couple of years moved from an English language-based job with the UK government to a similar one with an American multinational, it causes me actual pain to have to "fix" the Britishisms that creep into a lot of our writing (particularly our writers from Africa and the Middle East).
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