#9256964, By guts Your 2013 New Year Resolutionisms

  • guts 29 Dec 2012 02:19:00 1,692 posts
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    Get fit, fo sho. The running I started last year fizzled out after a few months due to weather (lack of commitment during adverse conditions) etc, but there is one of those no frill gyms near me that a couple of my chums go to and it is only 20 per month. Has all the running, cycling, rowing machines etc plus weight machines and and they have just installed a new body resistance training room or something.
    Treat my partner better, I love her to bits but I could do better by her as I'm a bit of a moody cunt.
    Ditto to that for me, and be more lenient with my daughter too. Shout less and try to be more understanding. I know I am opening the floodgates for abuse here but she is just about to turn twelve and has started secondary school so is going through that point in life that can only be described like this...
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