#9257442, By yegon Mac book died :-(

  • yegon 29 Dec 2012 13:53:33 6,182 posts
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    Yup, my late '08 mbp is still going strong, although admittedly only as a iTunes server/torrent beast these days. It's been on and running for way more than half the time since buying it in '08 and is still a great lappy. ML is a little slow on it, but I put that more down to the slug slow 5400rpm 1tb drive I bunged in it when I got a mba.

    Worth every penny I paid for it, and it even served me pretty well gaming via bootcamp for about 18 months around 2009 when I was between gaming pc's. Maaan that 9600gt ran hot though, I'm amazed it's still in working order after 18 months running at those temps!

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