#9257733, By Moz Removing Back-comp in handhelds is a no-no

  • Moz 29 Dec 2012 16:59:40 497 posts
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    @OP because that's the big drawback of cartridges. Each new system needs a new shape cart to stop people trying to put it in the old system and causing damage (of course ds and 3ds carts are just repackaged sd cards do less of an issue moving forward) however the gba cart slot was simply too big to fit in a 3ds (or a dsi for that matter) because of the extra sd slot (not present on earlier ds models) plus the 3ds needs a bigger battery.

    also using playstation as a good example just makes you sound misinformed. Sony are currently making killing reselling ps1 & 2 games on SEN after removing any back comp from ps3. And vita only supports it on digital content cos they dropped umd
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