#9257946, By jrleal T.S.W. = most underrated mmorpg in history

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    The title says it all. The Secret World is vastly underrated by too many. The investigation missions and A.R.G. alone make it great.

    Kind of funny how ignorant mmorpg players are in regards to mmorpg history. If one compares TSW's first year to WoW's, you'll find that TSW is doing much better in more than one aspect. TSW has less bugs/glitches, lag issues, and more content than WoW did during the first year. The real problem is TSW's lack of advertisement. Funcom made a huge mistake by not investing more in the marketing campaign. Good marketing is what made WoW so popular, notably their "12 million players can't be wrong" bullshit ad (btw Blizzard actually did lie about it. More than one Blizzard employee admitted to it) and the "Mr. T and other celebrities" scheme.
    In contrast, WoW is the opposite, since it's the most overrated mmorpg of all. Needless to say, TSW has great potential and is very well made for such a young mmorpg. People, notably the massive casual mmo player crowd, too often forget how long it takes for an mmorpg to build up steam.

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