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  • Deleted user 16 January 2013 21:09:56
    caligari wrote:
    Oooh, as we're all selling/swapping PC stuff in here, I thought I'd see if there's any interest in my 'gaming' PC.

    I bought it pre-built from (the now-defunct) Easy-PC in late 2010 - components were updated in late 2011.

    I'm pretty freaking clueless when it comes to PC specs/components, so please feel free to abuse/correct me:

    Intel Core i5 760 (pretty sure it's overclocked - how would I find out?)
    ASRock P55 Pro / USB3
    AMD Radeon 6800 series
    Antec 900 Case (complete with delightful blue LEDs)
    4GB Ram
    500GB HDD
    Windows 7 Premium
    Some kind of 'Eco' water-cooling device in there, too. Neato!
    Still got all of the original installation stuff.

    I've had it set up in my living room and connected via an HDMI cable to my TV, but it's just too bloody big for my (newer) place.

    It runs perfectly well, although the fans need a good hoovering.

    Any ideas as to what it would be worth - if anything?
    Don't know what you paid but I'd guess you can get at least 400 smackers
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