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    I'm 37 and was 25 when my little Em came about. It was unplanned but I was, and still am, in a loving relationship (now married) and we had already been together a few years at the time. We were never massively social people so it never disrupted our lives a great deal. Less eating out and cinema visits an had to knock going to motor racing events on the head a bit but other than that it has all been good. Although as they get older you get more and more of your'own life' back. It never seemed like a sacrifice and although she was unplanned we were never gutted about it. We were engaged at the time so it just meant putting off the wedding for a couple of years because of money and Em was our bridesmaid so all was good.
    One of my mates had a very shitty childhood and was a typica; 'kid from the wrong side of town'. I have known him since we were at secondary school, and he has always been so against having kids because of the unlucky way his child hood developed. He now has a lovely 4 yo son (planned) and he would not change his life for the world.
    I also know people older than me that love being single and childless. At the end of the day, everyone is different, wants different things from life and are attracted to different people. It looks like you and your good lady are fine at the moment but I would say it might be foolish to completely rule things out just in case you have some sort of epithany or life changing experience and you decide that you do want little puke monsters after all.
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