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    True story.

    A good friend of mine (no its not me) never wanted children and his girlfriend didn't want them either. They got married and moved abroad together. Had a good five or six years having a great life, enjoying freedom etc. As his wife got to mid thirties she changed her mind about children, he didn't. Marriage eventually broke up.

    She remarried and had children and seems very happy. He went through numerous relationships over many years and in a couple of serious ones the same problem arose, he didn't want children and the girlfriends were not willing to completely rule it out so they ended. As he got older he had to see younger women because women his age already had kids and he would end up with other people's children, the worst of both worlds for him.

    Point is his stance on children has seriously limited his options and his happiness over the last ten years and he generally has not been happy. Most women ( granted not all ) will eventually want children and if your wife changes her mind what are you going to do?

    Don't have the op yet for certain.

    True story ends.
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