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    Psychotext wrote:
    munki83 wrote:
    I have 3 nieces a nephew and one more niece/nephew on the way and I must admit...it makes me want to have kids event less.
    Funny. I have two adult nieces and nephews and three young ones and I must say that if I trace it back it's probably them which put me off having kids.

    Maybe it's an itch which was already scratched in that way, or maybe I've just seen what a nightmare kids can be a little too close up, without having all that hormonal benefit of them being mine. :D

    brokenkey wrote:
    The only way any of us are going to be remembered or even known about in 100-200 years time is if you have children - because one of their descendent is likely to get into genealogy and will write your name down somewhere.
    ....and you'll still be dead. Hell, for all you know, you might not have any grandkids anyway for whatever reason.
    To add the the list of people saying likewise, I really never did (or do) have time for other people's kids. Whether your desire has been quelled by the experiences with other people's children I cannot say. What I can say is that, you can never know what parenthood is like by hanging around other people's offspring. Only the thoughts and feelings of people who've had children can really change your mind.

    It's about as subjective an emotional a subject as is possible, which is why I included my somewhat pathetic Axel F story above. It illustrates simultaneously how wonderful being a parent can be and how impossible it is to describe why to anyone else.

    So, 18 pages predicted at minimum before this thread descends (ascends?) into Savile-based bumming jokes.

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