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    buggrit wrote:
    @mal That's all certainly some of it, but you have to bear in mind that DJ decks allow (even demand) you run a much higher tracking weight than a home turntable - this is to help ensure the needle stays in the grooves under, as you say, more challenging conditions. Lighter tracking weight, differently-shaped styli and a more 'relaxed' listening environment make for a different set of criteria for home decks - I wouldn't recommend using a Technics 1210 at home unless you know what you're doing and have a 'hifi' cartridge rather than a 'DJ' one :) Likewise, don't put your precious first-press Black Sabbath vinyl on a 1210 unless you want it to be potentially ruined...
    Most if not all DJ decks, and certainly a 1210 (which was never originally intended to be a DJ deck), will allow you to adjust the tracking weight and of course to select what cartridge you want to use, so there's no reason why a DJ deck should endanger your vinyl any more than an audiophile deck. You may find you get more noise from a direct drive DJ turntable as the cartridge picks up some of the sound of the motor, but on the other hand you may find that you get a more consistent record speed from direct drive.
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