#9264617, By JoeBlade So then, what is the ideal top level tax rate (hint: not Denmark's 62% morriss)

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    Most of you who are riled up about that supertax thing seem to quite miss its point. Unlike normal taxes it's not about taking a portion of people's income to provide for society in general.

    Thing is, the vast majority of the ultra rich are that wealthy because they're in a position where they can ask however much money they want for their jobs.
    What the supertax is primarily meant for is sending them a message, being "Now we're ok with you wanting to earn a lot of money, that ambition is just fine. However, there's a point beyond which a wage is outright unjust and unfair. Since you choose how much you earn we therefore advise you not to ask more than (insert amount here)'s worth per year."

    Just ask yourself: does Gérard Depardieu's work contribute thousands of times more to our society than, say, retail work? Like hell.
    Sure he kept millions entertained for hours but how much is that actually worth? And what about all the shit flicks he was in that are arguably deterimental to society, what (negative) value do you attribute to them?
    And what about people like the Kardashians who could be said to have done nothing for society but have large arses?
    Even most CEOs of large companies are nothing but spokespersons, the face of the company towards the outside world and the ones that take the dive for the boards of directors when the latter make a poor decision. How is that worth thousands, even millions times more than picking up the garbage every week?

    Yet for some bizarre reason society thinks it's ok that Depardieu can ask millions for one acting job while that poor sod behind a counter working their arse off while taking abuse from customers earns thousands of times less on a yearly basis. Why?

    The supertax is an incentive against completely unfair, ridiculously high wages. Perhaps the precise amount and the practical implementation need tweaking and as long as it's not observed worldwide it's indeed not really viable but I for one agree with the idea.
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