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    Deckard1 wrote:
    Why do the ponies fight?
    Taken from the developers website:
    (The penultimate paragraph is the proper answer, the rest can be ignored)

    General Questions

    Q: Why ponies?
    A: We like ponies. Ponies are cool

    Q: Why fighting ponies?
    A: Why not?

    Q: No, really. Doesn’t that go against the show’s message?
    A: In Twilight Sparkle’s words:

    Dear Princess Celestia: Today, I learned a valuable lesson.

    Sometimes, your friends might be too stubborn to see the truth, but you can always beat some sense and friendship into them. Hard.

    Your faithful student,

    Twilight Sparkle. P.s. How is your eye healing, by the way?; I hope I didn’t go too hard on you!

    And Celestia’s reply:

    My most faithful student, Twilight Sparkle

    My eye is healing rather well, thank you. I didn’t knew you could pack such a mule’s kick. How is the weather on the moon this time of the year?; I hope you’re enjoying your... vacations... in there.

    Your benevolent (dictator) teacher and princess,


    P.s. Luna says to stay away from her toaster.

    Seriously, though. It’s just an idea we thought “cool”, and when commenting it around the fandom, it seemed to hold a positive reaction to it, so we set on to make it happen.

    We don’t enforce, support or sponsor the idea of beating sense and friendship into your friends (or foes) in Real Life though!

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