#9275688, By joeymoto108 Are videogames the lowest form of medium (expression)?

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    "A great example of this at work is in Slender (Parsec, 2012).
    This game is simplistic, but still manages to be quite scary. I think this is highly significant and not something that has gotten nearly enough focus. Over the years there has been a lot of discussion about how video games should try to achieve the emotional responses provoked by other media and how they have not accomplished this yet.

    However, when it comes to feelings of fear and terror, video games are already there. If a movie or book wants to build the same kind of emotional response as Slender does, a lot more work is required. You would have to spend time building a sense of place and a connection to the
    lead character. Much of this can be very hard to pull of effectively. In a game it is simply enough to put the player in an environment and the atmosphere comes almost immediately. It is the interactive feedback loop that makes this possible. To confirm watch someone play the game instead of doing it yourself. Interacting with the game is a totally different experience."

    taken from http://unbirthgame.com/TheSelfPresenceStorytelling.pdf

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