#9299319, By The Wheel of Time books

  • Deleted user 17 January 2013 05:16:10

    Looking at the release dates of the books, I started reading them in either January 1992 or 1993 {I know it was a January, not sure which year}, I am emotional right now.

    As a young boy I read the first five books dozens of times, absorbed every detail and imagined what the ending might be. To be finally finished is honestly, upsetting, in good and bad ways. Like saying good bye to friends you'll not see again, but with all the happy memories of time together.

    Sanderson pulled the series out of it's stall in some respects, but the Epilogue is Jordan's untouched writings, how he might have written what's in between, I don't know. What I do know is the epilogue is worthy of those first few books.

    I'm going to bed. Despite the time I think I'll struggle to get to sleep.

    R.I.P Robert Jordan.
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