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    My Pap/Meh/Good scale was swinging wildly between Meh and Good with the occasional lurch into the Pap zone (pretty much whenever a Channel 4 face [Michael Smiley, etc] appeared).

    While the storyline seems like it might be interesting Ė and some of the cinematography was pretty good Ė Iím concerned that itís leaning too heavily on its Channel 4 heritage. I was getting a distinctly Spaced vibe from the characters and direction (especially the harsh cuts), while itís whole ascetic is a little too Misfits for my liking (dark urban background with literally colourful looking characters pasted on top).

    Iím worried theyíll put in too many twists and the story will turn out stupid, or that theyíll throw in too much comedy and ruin the balance, but it wasnít a terrible start to a series at all really. Iíll certainly watch it next week.
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