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    This just makes me want to replay Fallout 3 and finish Fallout: NV.
    Makes me want to have a stab at finishing the main story for Fall out 3, New Vegas and Skyrim.
    In both the Fallouts, I got so bogged down in hoarding all sorts of "might be useful" stuff. Managing the hoard got to be so tiresome and managing your inventory to go out and cook some steaks and then make some ammo and stuff is so cluncky.
    I should just go back to it and ignore all the crap. Just wander about a bit, poke around and shoot stuff and move the story along a bit.
    Sounds familiar. I think 'oh, I'll probably need that' and next thing you know I'm so bogged down with crap that I can't even move.
    You just can't do that in F:NV in Hardcore mode. Always travel with two weapons (one pistol, one rifle) and the ammo for each, scavenging for stuff, dropping excesses, living from one situation to the next. Quite refreshing!

    I don't know if you can get a house in NV? I know you can get a modded one.
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