#9336544, By Sketch A Day Thread 2013!

  • Deleted user 31 January 2013 14:48:04
    Woah. What a month. Had some great submissions this month from people and looks to be some good ones for the movie mash up next month.

    And now too close off the month with a bang.

    LeoliansBro wrote:
    I'd like a Transformer based on the Delorean from Back to the Future being waterboarded by Jimmy Saville's decaying corpse with searchlights and zeppelins in the nighttime background pls. Also a horde of mogwai in there somewhere.

    You do good work.

    Peace out Mofo's catch ye on Sunday.

    Also I'm editing the O.P so people can see rules and junk.

    Edited by WeakOrbit at 15:00:41 31-01-2013
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