#9283422, By badwhippet Anyone got an old 4:3 19 inch PC monitor spare?

  • badwhippet 10 Jan 2013 14:24:53 4 posts
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    I have a VERY old 19" 4:3 LCD monitor (beige, with stand, panel can be rotated to landscape or portrait) with both old-fashioned VGA and the then 'ultra-modern' DVI sockets (you might need a VGA or DVI cable though - not sure I still have that). When I say 'old' it really IS old!! In the day it was one of the earliest flat-panels to be made (an LG) and cost a fortune. Although "flat-panel" it's casing is still about two inches thick so doesn't look very modern now. But it still works like a charm with no faults, and if you're happy to arrange and pay for a courier to collect in UK, you are very welcome to it. It's just sitting in a cupboard gathering a lot of dust. Get in touch if you'd like it.
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