#9285491, By lexxx MPs suggest a 32% wage increase...for MPs

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    kalel wrote:
    I dunno. It's a difficult job with stupid hours and a huge amount of responsibility. Seems fair enough to me.
    Over the last decade, the hours have become more family friendly, so now Commons sitting hours are only really late on a Monday, but finish at either 7.30 or 5.30 otherwise.

    Obviously those remain more than a 9-5 job, and good MPs will do constituency and campaigning work outside of those core hours, but the days of having to wait around for the possibility of a vote at 2am are basically gone (or it might happen once in a while, I think it happened a year and a half ago).

    Like others have said, MPs deserve a decent salary - my own MP seems very good, she campaigns on gangs, youth unemployment, etc, really tries to get involved with people who are often disenfranchised and raise issues many people don't even want to think about. But even so, 65k is enough IMO.
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