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    TheSaint wrote:
    It's a bit unfair to compare the pricing structure of a physical high street shop to an out of town supermarket or a random warehouse in the middle of nowhere.
    Why? People shop to their budget, if you can get the same item cheaper somewhere else you will buy the cheaper item. I don't want to see HMV collapse the same as I didn't want to see Game collapse but the lack of competition has made them greedy. I remember when shopping for music or films there used to be at least 3 major high street chains you could go to as well as at least 1 or 2 indies. Because of this the prices had to remain reasonable. Now the High Street has to compete with the Supermarkets and online, why should us the consumers now pay for their failing business model?

    @Nickthegun John Lewis is a very good example, I will often pay a little bit extra in John Lewis just because of their good customer service and extra warranty.

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