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    Oh Ballmer, never change.

    But yeah, in the US the 360 is just about to overtake the Wii as the biggest selling console ever, with less than 3 million units between them. The 3DS is by far the most popular handheld right now, worldwide, but sales-wise probably has a long way to go. When this generation closes, though, it'll be Sony in third.

    Last generation (PS2/GC/Xbox/DC) was not close at all; this one has been. Previous gen (PSX/Saturn/N64) was a wash, too. Generation before that (MD/SNES) depended on your locale; US and Japan IIRC were heavily SNES, and Europe was the opposite.

    The basics of looking to who "won" generational cycles is: stop being such a damn fanboy, because you can succeed and go out.
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