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    Exaggeration. 1984 is fine but itís not the cultural milestone everyone makes it out to be. Itís one of those book a lot of people claim to like, because itís easy to remember the name and the plot is widely known, but have never actually read themselves. It is a tedious read though; the pacing of the last quarter is absolutely shocking.

    Dune is one of the best settings ever created and the first half of that book is astoundingly original, but the second half is utter tripe as Herbert falls into a common sci-fi trap Ė he knows the ďpointĒ heís trying to make but he canít fit a story around it. A lot of random stuff happens just because it can, and the whole thing sort of unravels itself and ends up a literary mess.

    Iím not saying I hate those books (I own several editions of Dune - any sci-fi fan should read it); but they are far from Shakespeare in their messy execution and don't deserve endless praise (the same way I won't kiss Tolkien's ass - nice setup, but mostly boring as sin).

    You knowÖ Dune is about ready for another remake I think. I bet they can hash it up even worse this time. At least the explosions would be cool though. And the winged codpieces epic.
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