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    kalel wrote:
    FWIW heavy sci-fi turns me off as much as heavy fantasy. I think I struggle with books that put a lot of strain on my imagination. The more detached from reality it is, the harder I find it to read. Perhaps that's not just me.

    I don't have this issue with horror, but then maybe horror is by its nature more grounded in reality?
    Yeah, horror mixes reality with the unknown to play on our fears and scare the shit out of us. Can't think of any horror that's really fantastical - as in set in a completely different universe or planet or whatever - but then it's not a genre with which I'm all that familiar.

    Hard SF can be tough sometimes. Baxter's stuff I like because he's a scientist who knows his shit and has a ton of interesting ideas, but his stories still tend to be easily accessible.

    LeoliansBro wrote:
    Banks was too clever-clever pleased with how imaginative he was, and also wrote stories that 14 year olds write while wondering about girls. Not my cup of tea at all. Asimov I love, and ACC is brilliant although I think my favourite sci-fi of that ilk is The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester.
    Done Gateway by Frederik Pohl? Read Gateway. Amazing.
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