#9316681, By Johro66 'Haze' online multiplayer servers pulled, please sign our petition!

  • Johro66 24 Jan 2013 00:31:42 34 posts
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    kentmonkey wrote:
    Out of 25 posts on this page, you've had 13. Constantly posting is likely to end up annoying people, as it has Moot_Point, as it will just artificially push this thread nearer the top of the page when there us very little interest in it here.

    Petitions very rarely get signed on here, because most realise that they, in the world of videogames, never/very rarely work. Some will sign it, but you'd probably have better luck pimping it on Gamefaqs or IGN in all honesty.

    This isn't meant to be confrontational, but constantly posting is only going to result in one ending.
    If your immediate reaction to a petition is 'f#ck that. it'll never work', than it'll never work. We're giving it a good go ffs. If you hate to see me posting, don't reply. I'm only replying to posts here, not pushing the petition yet again. If anyone is bumping this thread, it's you and 'Moot_Point. You don't like this thread or this petition, you're welcome to ignore it. I was just answering replies to my posts.
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