#9319273, By caligari 'Haze' online multiplayer servers pulled, please sign our petition!

  • caligari 24 Jan 2013 23:02:45 17,922 posts
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    Johro66 wrote:
    caligari wrote:
    Couldn't you and your Haze buddies try...a different game?

    I know it's painful moving away from something that you know and love, but there are plenty of other fun (and better) FPS games out there.

    Surely the Haze maps get a little boring if you're only playing the same few over and over again, against the same people?
    Couldn't you just sign it?
    Erm - if you go back to the first page you'll see that I already have.

    I was just saying that it might be better to move your whole group/clan to a different game - mix it up on something with better maps/vehicles/mods etc.

    If you love Haze, set it free.
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