#9297331, By Downsides of the expiry of copyright

  • Deleted user 16 January 2013 11:49:19
    JayG wrote:
    Haven't they changed the laws recently? Or else the likes of the Beatles and Rolling Stones would suddenly be out of copyright. And what happens when the likes of Superman and Batman are out of copyright, I really can't see that happening in today's society.
    It's a constantly moving target. Copyright expires (x) years after the death of the creator but thanks to extensive lobbying by the likes of Disney, (x) seems to be an ever-growing number

    Broadcast stuff from the UK prior to the mid-50s (IIRC) isn't in copyright as the laws didn't extend that far at that point, and every so often you'll find films that aren't copyrighted at all (like Night of the Living Dead - I think that one fell down to an admin error). There's also cases of musical "abandonware", where studios have got bust and the rights holders can't be tracked down...
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