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    My issue is I don't know that many people who play computer games and I'm ok with that. So I don't want to be forced to add friends. If it randomly matches me up with people then I'm going to end up with willyville and iTh1nkUSm3ll as neighbours who will more than likely be abandoned and left to rot after a few months. How will that affect my economy?

    When EA get bored or decide I have to upgrade to a different version/game and turn off the servers where does that leave me? Stuffed without a game.

    Add to that I will be running it on my laptop so that I can play a game if I'm away somewhere boring, so probably not online. I want the option to just quietly play a game in my own little world without having to be online or have to deal with other people.

    I heard talk of the crack being designed to run the server on your machine and redirect the game to that. Guess it depends whether that is possible
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