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    Still massively in two minds about this game. One day I'm not sure I can resist (I've been playing SimCity since I was about 10), the other day all the DRM, always-online shit makes me not want to touch the game with a bargepole.

    I suppose the good thing about my current inability to decide whether to dive in is that I'm a Mac gamer and OSX pre-orders aren't even up yet. I'll be able to wait and see the reaction from you guys before making a final decision.

    The game itself (and the glassbox engine as a whole) look amazing; I'm just pretty sure this'll follow the recent EA business model of micro-transactions ('Want a bigger plot? 5.99 please) and I don't know if I can bring myself to support it. SimCity has always been one of my purest single-player experiences; the focus on multi-player is fine in my book, but not at the expense of it being a requirement to be online and the fact that when the servers shut down for the last time, so does my videogame. Completely. I still can't quite work out whether I can buy into that.
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