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    Had a weird thing happen after I specialised in oil.

    I'd built my Petroleum HQ and was pumping out the oil when it offered me a challenge of placing an oil field, two extra pumps and pump x gallons in a day.

    Problem was I'd already got two oil fields.

    The game recognised I was pumping oil and I reached the "pump x gallons" target quickly.

    But when I dropped two extra pumps on my existing oil filed it didn't register. I ended up having to plop a third oil field to trigger the challenge complete.

    I then had to demolish the third oil field as it was surplus to requirements.


    Also, there seems to be a fair few people having trouble meeting the requirements to get a refinery (160k/day in oil sales).

    I'm pumping shedloads of oil and trading it but the trade amount never moves beyond 90k/day.
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