#9436441, By Sim City

  • Deleted user 13 March 2013 09:23:11
    Defective Items
    If your item isn't working properly, please check the product manual (which arrived with the item) and the Amazon.co.uk detail page for the product. You can usually find troubleshooting and "getting started" information there. If you need additional assistance, you need to request missing pieces or replacement parts, or you need warranty information, you may find it helpful to contact the manufacturer directly. See Manufacturer Contact Details for more information.

    If you can't resolve the problem after contacting the manufacturer, go to the Product Specific Policies page and click on the product type to find more information about receiving a replacement or returning your item for a refund.

    I might try that approach - probably futile, but the product IS obviously defective, otherwise Amazon wouldn't have pulled it from their own download service (albeit temporarily)
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