#9436751, By Sim City

  • Deleted user 13 March 2013 11:05:11
    @teamHAM I totally agree - I have about zero chance of getting a refund, but it's worth a try. I won't be buying anything from EA again, though. This game release has made me actually think that the Spore release was a success (my last EA purchase/major disappointment).

    Looking at Tropico 4 on Steam and it just looks leagues ahead of this, and far more of what I look for in city-building sims, so I would recommend anyone sensible enough to have held off on SC goes for that instead (Tropico 3 was good, and 4 seems to be a general improvement rather than radical change).

    If EG give Sim City more than 4/10 I will be very surprised. Any idea when the review is due?
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