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  • Deleted user 13 March 2013 12:25:04
    My shit list centres around the fact that the game essentially doesn't work at all. It looks pretty, and looks can be deceiving, but I like my strategy games to involve actual strategy - the fact that the AI systems are blatantly not working as they should renders any form of strategy redundant.

    You could add in other nuggets such as the 'city' size, the server issues, the poor tutorial, the lack of genuine single player play (no 'undo' button!) and so on, but the 'bugs' with the AI mean that the game is fundamentally unplayable.

    If this was a Paradox Interactive game I would be relatively confident that these issues would be fixed, eventually, but with EA I am less certain of this.

    edit: no doubt I will return the game, EA will fix everything, I will read how everyone on the thread is now enjoying the best game ever, and I will re-purchase (in a few months time*)

    * but only if they have patched it to be playable offline

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