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    Razz wrote:
    DuvaDan88 wrote:
    Roddles wrote:
    No chance it will be anything anybody wants, doesn't already have, or didn't play years ago.
    •Battlefield 3 (Standard Edition)
    •Bejeweled 3
    •Dead Space 3 (Standard Edition)
    •Mass Effect 3 (Standard Edition)
    •MOHW (Standard Edition)
    •NFS Most Wanted (Standard Edition)
    •Plants vs. Zombies
    •SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition

    Not a bad selection of games, I know which one I want. I like the fact simcity 4 is on there, made me chuckle.
    I hate FPS games, but I should get Battlefield 3, everyone gives it so much praise and I have a new PC that I want to see pretty things on. I would much prefer NFS Most Wanted, but you can pick that up for less than a fiver now. :/
    Where can you get Most Wanted for a fiver? We are talking about the criterion one aren't we?
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