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    agparrot wrote:
    I've got a Beam Laser now and I've caught sight of Military Lasers at something like 5,000Cr. - madness, but I really really want one.
    This. Also, for the military laser to be any kind of use, you're going to want a top of the line cooling system and the one I saw was over 9000 Cr!

    You can make a lot of dough quite quickly from the mission side-trades, though. I had one that grossed me over 6000 Cr in a single run.

    Scooping stuff appears to either be broken, or to deliberately allow you to carry more cargo than you have capacity for, I think.
    Some of the mining pickups are significantly less than a tonne each, though. SO if you have a tonne spare it could be sub-dividing the space. This requires science.
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