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    The UK basically sucks for adult education, for a couple of reasons. The main one is that there's a culture of you-get-one-shot-then-you're-screwed. In the states there's an advert that asks "over 40 and want to become a doctor?" Can you imagine? Here it would just continue: "keep dreaming". Thus the only legitimate adult education is further training for your job, which is hideously expensive since employers pay for it and so companies can charge silly amounts.
    If there's an advert for it in the US then that means you have to pay for it, I would imagine it is similar to the costs here, why would you think otherwise?
    What? Of course you'd have to pay for it in both places. The point is the attitude this shows. If people actually believe they can actually can change career and do something like become a doctor when they're middle aged, then you get the accompanying infrastucture (more courses open to adults, more funding options, more information available on how to do them). The states have many problems in their higher education system, but they genuinely have a can-do culture that we lack, and that kind of thinking is essential for adult education.

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