#9310759, By Sylar100 An Update to the BS Bullet Run is Pay to Win topic.

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    The BS topic of someone who never played the game for more like 3 hours

    Instead of posting in a 6 month old topic. I'm gonna actually refute some of the claims.

    To start off, Repairing your weapons was never an Issue in Bullet Run, 0 durability weapons only did 10% less damage, most people ended up playing without repairing weapons. The Repair system has also been totally removed from the game.

    The starter gun, the Mp5 is actually a pretty good gun. You could easily use it to stand toe to toe with people.

    Also, since 6 months ago things in Bullet Run have changed even more then the removal of the weapon repair system.

    Things in Bullet Run have changed since months ago.

    Buying weapons Permanently with In Game Credits have been removed. In its place is a system that allows you to rent weapons. The weapon rental prices are actually very affordable and its very easy to earn the credits while playing. You can rent weapons for 1, 3, or 7 days. If you purchase a mod, the mod will be permanent even if your rental of the weapon runs out. So if you re-rent the weapon you will still have the mods.

    A progression System has been employed. As you level up your character you will be rewarded with level up to your skills, Free 1 day weapon rentals, etc.

    The repair system has been completely removed. Even though it was never an issue previously since not repairing really didn't affect you.

    A new mode, Search and Destroy has been added to the game along with 3 new maps.

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