#9310778, By Sylar100 An Update to the BS Bullet Run is Pay to Win topic.

  • Sylar100 22 Jan 2013 02:13:48 29 posts
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    richardiox wrote:
    So you're nothing to do with the development or marketing of the game then? You just created an account here to refute a 6month old thread with a reply that reads like a press release?

    Nope, i really have nothing to do with the marketing of the game. I actually like to play the game and want to see more and more people play it. So i was gonna advertise on reddit, which had a link to the original topic.

    My topic really reads nothing like a Press Release, it's just showing off how things have changed in regards to the original topic. I was originally gonna post in the topic but i had no clue if there were rules regarding it. So i just made my own topic.
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