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    I think it's more the strange defensive overreaction to a six month old post that no-one really gave a shit about at the time and gives even less of a shit about now.

    It's not overly defensive. I just wanted to post my thoughts regarding it. If you don't like the topic, don't respond.

    Getting a choice of guns in any game is about choosing the right weapon for the way you want to tackle an objective. The maps are not designed around the MP5. The MP5 will only work well in a handful of locations. What they should have done is given you a starter sub-machine gun, shotgun and sniper rifle. This means new starters have more options available to them.

    Actually the Mp5 can work on almost any map but Cactus, pretty much the Sniper Map. Though you can get the Tactical sniper rifle pretty early on, around Level 5 or so i think.

    Something that's not changed is how people who pay the monthly fee can purchase whatever weapons they want regardless of their current level. Being a heavy pay to win type game I find it fitting that the slogan for Bullet Run is "fame at any cost".

    While Platinum Membership does let people purchase Level restricted guns at any level, It really doesn't matter that much. I and a lot of other people never bought Platinum Membership and it never hindered us. You'd actually learn that if you spent more like 3-10 total hours in the game.

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