#9313233, By frunk Microsoft's Strategy for XBox Infinity (NextBox, 720...)

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    He never said it was a good strategy
    I said it was a clever strategy. It is a good strategy for MS... For us... Not so much...

    I think Sony has the better strategy if you are not not interested in all that crap and just want to play good games. As a business decision it is not so good as allows MS to grab that living room space that Sony really needs to support the rest of their businesses.

    But even with a more cut down OS, Sony can probably do most of the useful stuff most of would use every day. And I guess Sony own a lot of the content (Movies & Music) that will be on the MS system, so they win there too.

    Different companies, different business models. MS need this to keep growing.

    Oh and thanks for thinking I am not a jerk... I tend to be a commenter rather than a forumer...

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