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    I don't think Google is making in-roads fast enough to be relevant in the TV space. Google TV has been out for years as a standalone box and it is expensive. The number of TV's with it built in is tiny - the TV/DVD manufacturers had a chance to unify but as usual they all did their own thing... Viera, Aquos, NetTV... every brand did it's own apps platform with very variable underlying hardware. So not only do you have platform fragmentation, within each platform you have further fragmentation as manufacturers tried to upsell each year. It's pointless chaos. Who in their right mind is going to dedicate resources to develop for that? Netflix, Lovefilm and some crap tends to be it.

    Google need to team up with someone like Sony to get their platform under TVs quickly in the form of PS3 & PS4 now to create a solid foundation or let MS run away with it.

    MS is making the connectivity issue a breeze - you just put their console the last thing in line with the TV... it will manage all the other devices and overlay it's goodness on top.

    MS are uniquely primed to fill this space as their new console will end up underneath 20 million tellies within a couple of years based on being an "okay" games console. Microsoft have then created a consistent and powerful platform on which to encourage Windows developers to create applications for. Once you get all those apps and snazzy Kinect functionality under the telly the box that does not play Xbox games becomes useful as it is a lower cost alternative (probably subsidized) to get the interface and apps (and ads) under the rest of the tellies in the house.

    Apple & Google don't have this advantage - they have to sell their box on their SmartTV features alone... not sneak it in as a games console which people are prepared to pay more for. They don't make games either and don't seem to have the interest to do so.

    Sony don't have the same ambition, interface or infrastructure to match MS in this area... but hell they know games, better than most.

    If Google got with Sony to put GoogleTV on the console then that would be a valid defence, but they would have to work on how it is controlled. Suddenly a Wii-U type tablet is a good idea :)

    Ironically Nintendo with the tablet were in an ideal position to do this but just have no interest in this type of thing.
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