#9315430, By frunk Microsoft's Strategy for XBox Infinity (NextBox, 720...)

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    I think you have some very valid points there. You are right. Being tied to the living room is not so important these days.

    However it does represent the last great untapped mass market currently available.

    MS are boxing clever on SmartGlass - it works pretty well on any tablet or phone (Surface, iOS & Android) - so they are making no assumptions you have to have a fully MS enabled household to get the capabilities. So the initial spend to get all the capability is dramatically reduced - you just buy an XBox Infinity.

    Microsoft desperately needs to succeed in a market, ANY market, as they are pissing away all the existing ones: PCs to Apple (and soon Linux), Servers to Linux, Office Suite to Cloud providers like Google, Tablet/Phones to Apple/Google. They are fumbling around in "cloud land" miles behind Google & Amazon. If they keep going like they are they won't have any customers but slow moving corporations who don't like rapid change which will clip MS's ability to do anything.

    I would say the new XBox is MS's last gamble for a long term future - they have a lot riding on this one, it can't afford to fail and they know it. They will fight dirty and plough money into it.
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