#9314276, By Rens11 The referendum on the United Kingdom's membership within the EU

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    I was thinking about the implications of the Scottish referendum re this as well. The timing of things puts the Scottish vote before the British/English/UK/whatevers thing. There has been doubt already cast on the question if Scotland would automatically get EU membership if it did devolve. Then we really would have border patrols with Scotland :). Would it have to sign up to the Schengen area?

    It's fucking mental.
    It's a pretty awe-inspiring thing if you think it through. For instance Scotland doesn't have a standing army either, or any armed forces. It has no ambassadors or formal relations with any other country. It will be forced to accept trade tariffs at a huge disadvantage (as the alternative is isolation). It lacks much of the central bureaucracy of a country. In fact, it has no presence on the international stage at all.

    And then there's the question of what kind of country it looks like as a standalone. Ignore its georgraphic location, and instead note how underdeveloped it is. Few cities, only two of any size, no motorways north of Edinburgh, and an economy built on oil, tourism and salmon.

    And haggis
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