#9317584, By ScoutTech The referendum on the United Kingdom's membership within the EU

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    A roving Government? I'm sorry but that is a stupid idea. I'm not against it moving or departments moving out of London but to constantly move? So we'd either have to have buildings sitting around mothballed for long periods of time until Parliament comes back to them or have to source/build new space every move. Most departments seem to be unable to keep hold of their resources and documents when they are stuck in one building, imagine the losses between moves!

    Add to that the fluctuations in local prices when the Government circus came to town, having to ensure accommodation, transport links, security, etc etc etc etc. & the costs would be astronomical, even if the whole thing wasn't run by a government department!

    Ohhh and then the downturn, decline and issues once the whole show ups and leaves!

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