#9333088, By The referendum on the United Kingdom's membership within the EU

  • Deleted user 30 January 2013 12:03:55
    I just noticed something reading this article on Scottish independence and the EU.

    They suggest that the UK government would support this process, not least because the Edinburgh Agreement, which set out the framework for the referendum, commits both parties to respect the outcome and work together in the best interests of the people of both Scotland and the rest of the UK.

    It would clearly be in everyone's interests, they argue, for everyone to remain inside the EU
    So what happens if during the process of negotiating independence (2014 - 2016) the UK decides to vote out of the EU in 2015.

    Also what happens to Scottish votes in the UK 2015 elections if they vote to become independent next year?

    That dick head really doesn't know what he's doing. (Salmond and Cameron)
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