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    BurnoutJunkie wrote:
    @eleven63 - oh, I know that there are lots of group text apps, but if you've ever tried using any of them (I must have tried about 10 when I had the Note last year), you would see that even though you start a group thread and hit send, the message shows up X number of threads corresponding to the the number of people you sent it to. E.g. if I send a message to 12 people, 12 threads will pop up with the exact same message, which is really annoying. Now I know that when I receive a response, it won't be by one thread but a thread for each person...but I don't see why there isn't just one thread for my outgoing message. On my iPhone, I send out a message to 12 people, and I see one thread for this message appearing once. That's it. I know it's such a small thing for many, but I use the feature so much that it annoys the heck out of me. I don''t think it's something that the developers are missing out on either, I'm pretty sure it's some sort of restriction from Android.

    Is there any way to contact the Android developers? I'd like to complain about this. I think I tried tweeting them once but never got a response.
    Ah, understand - hmm, not sure,  I'll ask the question of those I know - but it does answer the question as to why, with 'group' texts, I receive separate threads! Now I know, cheers!
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