#9316070, By Tricky Wireless Access Point Switch Thingy - Help!

  • Tricky 23 Jan 2013 20:17:20 4,849 posts
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    Okay, quick explanation of my home network setup.

    Virgin Super Hub in lounge with everything connected to it, except my PC. That's way away off the back of the garage so I've got that connected to the Virgin hub through powerline networking, which works fine.

    However, what I'm trying to do is add wireless to the back part of the house, which will also cover the garden. So I thought I'd simply get a wireless router, hook the powerline networking into the WAN port on that, then connect the PC into the router and have wireless capability.

    Does it work? Does it fuck. So I'm into the horribleness of configuring the router to try and make it all work and I've got no idea how. I've got one of these and I've found various people asking how to configure them as signal forwarders, but no one trying to do what I'm doing. So, EG massive, any one have any ideas/pointers/etc.?
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