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  • Deleted user 19 August 2013 23:21:03
    Pinky_Floyd wrote:
    I disagree.  A review is just one man's opinion on a game because he likes games and wants to write about them.  He probably will not like every game but thats the beauty of being human. 

    He will probably want to inform as well as make himself sound witty and intelligent but over and above that there is no rocket science involved.

    Edge didnt really like it that much, thats ok, we are all different and you know what?  The sun will still rise tomorrow and the world will go on as normal. 
    No, that isn't how the professional games industry reviewing works, that isn't opinion as far as game developers/publishers see it. You are talking about a personal blog. Edge isn't a personal blogging review site, hence why the parasite metacritic influence biases commercial interests of games by professional review sites much heavier than personal blogs.

    Edge are using a hollow and refutable argument to say the game isn't worth playing(by 6/10), I said they were a 3/10 publication based on this, yet you take issue with my reasoned review of them, not their flawed review of the game. you are entitled to your opinion but I don't understand your logic and believe it to be flawed.
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